rurally screwed

“Most romantic comedies end at the declaration of love and never explore the "happily-ever-after." Rurally Screwed entertains by continuing well past the "I do" and, best of all, this is a real-life romance, a memoir with a hilarious narrator.
Jessie Knadler never felt comfortable in her home state of Montana; she moved to New York City when she was 17 and spent years writing for women's magazines, perfecting her kundalini yoga and embracing her sardonic, neurotic destiny. On an assignment for Outdoor Adventure magazine, she returns to Montana to do an article on the Bucking Horse Sale and accidentally meets the love of her life — a man who shed his own hometown of Baltimore in order to become... a cowboy.
Once married, Jessie and Jake decide to move to Lexington, Va., and are soon knee-deep in chickens, moonshine and never-ending manual labor. Jessie feels lost in her new "identity" and must rediscover her authentic self.
While primarily the story of her love for her husband, Rurally Screwed is also a hero's journey as Jessie navigates her relationship with various identities — a child from Montana, a woman from New York, a wife in rural Virginia. Her searing wit and unflinching honesty is a pleasure to read.”
— Shelf Awareness
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